There is a position for trainee/intern available (see below for more information). For a regular position, there is no open position now, however, if you have CFD analysis experience more than two years at the professional consulting level especially with commercial CFD codes (Fluent, CFdesign, CFD2000, StarCD, FloVent, Airpak etc.) for built environment applications and/or FDS, CFAST, and CONTAM, we also would like to hear from you. Send us your resume with your CFD work story at hr [at] flonomix [dot] com. If your qualifications are suitable for a need in the near future, a member of our staff will contact you within 30 days. Otherwise, we will keep your resume on file for one year, and contact you when a position becomes available.

Trainee/Intern Position (unpaid during the three month training period):
Flonomix is looking for students who are willing to get a training in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) applications in HVAC/IAQ/Fire Protection industries. The training period will be about three months without being paid and the extention of training will be decided after three-month training period.

The trainee will explore CFD technique in general but more emphasizing on generating CFD geometries using a solid modeling software during the three month training period. Since it is a voluntary training, the schedule can be very flexible. Duration and frequency of the training will also depend on personal progress. After this training, the trainee might have a chance to work together in CFD consuling depending on the level that the trainee will achieve.

Applicants who took or are taking fluid dynamics, heat transfer, thermodynamics will be a good candidate. Knowledge of AutoCad and any solid modeling software is required. Knowledge of Revit will be a plus. If you are interested in, please send your e-mail of intention with resume and three references to Dr. Heejin Park at hjpark [at] flonomix [dot] com or call 503-648-0775. hjpark@flonomix.c

Flonomix, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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