Where CFD Can Be Utilized

In validation/optimization of HVAC design parameters:
CFD data can be utilized to validate various design parameters such as the location and number of diffusers and exhausts, and temperature and flow rate (CFM) of supplied air to meet design criteria.
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In modification/improvement of malfunctioning HVAC systems:
The system with suggested modifications can be simulated computationally without actual physical modifications to the existing systems. The information from CFD reveals what modification satisfies the design criteria.
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In comparisons between alternative systems:
Under some circumstances, there may be several different options for designing HVAC systems for a space (for example, mixing ventilation or displacement ventilation). Computer simulation data can provide crucial information to find the best possible system.
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In an engineering investigation:
CFD analysis of temperature, velocity and chemical concentration distributions can help engineers understand the problem correctly and provide ideas for best resolution.
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